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Fishing the day of the tournament: If you are late you must find an already entered tournament participant to collect tournament entry fees and livewell inspection. There will be a (1) pound deduction from total weight of fish at weigh-in. The second tardy will result in (3) pound deduction from total weight. You are considered tardy if not signed in and entry fees collected 10 minutes prior to scheduled tournament take-off time. All boats have to stay in launch area until all boats are ready for take-off. All boats must idle until clear of no wake buoys or predetermined area. First tournament of the year will be a blind draw for take off order. The following tournaments will be based on overall points. Must be at dock or ramp at check-in time. If you can't be on time be early. No fish will be weighed if late for check-in.

Tournament rules: No leaving boat to land fish at anytime during tournament. (either angler) All live wells will be checked prior to take off. Artificial bait & lures only (pork style baits allowed) The Alabama Rig is legal with 3 hooks or less used. A treble hook counts as one hook. At least one life jacket needs to be in boat for each person in boat at all times. Once boats have launched, tournament is considered official and will not be canceled or terminated. No deviation from published tournament times will be made unless voted on by the participants. Fishing will continue at the discretion of individual entrants and weigh-in will remain as provided herein. If tournament is canceled prior to launch time due to safety reasons, entry fee will be refunded; otherwise any refunds will be made on a case-by-case basis. Each team is only allowed to use a fill in angler (2) times per year. The angler that is absent from tournament does receive points earned by present team member. If team member entered in tournament chooses to fish with a fill in angler, the fill in angler receives no points from tournament. All tournaments thereafter, the present team member must fish alone but will receive points for team. You are allowed to fish with a fill in angler but will forfeit all points for tournament. All boats need proper working lights and live wells as well as all permits and documentation required by city, county, and state in order to participate in tournament. Fish can only be caught by hook with rod & reel. Netting fish to land in boat is acceptable only if fish is already hooked prior to netting. All existing lake rules also apply to every tournament.

Culling: Culling is allowed. You can only have (3) fish in your livewell at one time. If you catch a fourth fish you can place it in the livewell while culling the smallest fish, but cannot continue to fish until you are back to a total of three fish. Each angler should make every effort to keep fish in good condition to support catch-and-release policy. The use of a livewell additive is highly encouraged to reduce fish mortality.

Weigh in: There is a (3) fish limit. Largemouth, Smallmouth, and Spotted Bass will be counted. We will NOT weigh dead fish. Any fish weighed in with a lure unable to be removed is acceptable with a (1)oz. deduction. This is done to prevent the risk of killing the fish in order to weigh it in. Short fish will result in (1) pound deduction plus loss of penalized fish. Fish will be measured from the tip of the snout to the end of the tail, with the fish laid flat on the ruler, with the mouth closed. All fish will be returned to the water as soon as possible after weigh-in. Do Not return any dead fish to lake.

Point system: Points are awarded based on the total weight of fish weighed in. Weight is on a scale of pounds, tenths, & hundredths

Entry Fee: $50.00 per boat $5.00 withheld from each individual entry fee for end of season Fish-Off.

Pre-season club dues of $40.00 are required prior to your tournament entry.

Prize money is figured by number of angler entries.

Tie breakers: Individual tournament-first is number of fish, second is weight of largest single fish, third is a coin flip.

Anglers of the Year-first is number of tournaments fished, second is the total number of fish caught over the entire season, third is largest single fish of the entire season.
Disqualification-loss of all points and money for individual tournament.

A minimum of (7) seven tournament entries are required to be eligible for the Fish-Off. The NBT Anglers of the Year and Big Bass will be awarded after last tournament prior to the Fish-Off. The Fish-Off will be strictly a money tournament.

NO refunds for club dues.
NO drugs, alcohol, or foul language allowed during hours of tournament.
NO behavior unbecoming or detrimental to the
Bass Club.
All State, County, & City permits are required.
Decisions of tournament director are final.

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